GaN/SiC epitaxial chips for 5G communication from GaN Power Tech to be verified in Q1 next year.

The Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition (SEMICON Taiwan) will take place on the 14th, and “compound semiconductors” will be one of the highlights. GaN Power Tech. Ltd. exhibited a prototype of the Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for GaN e-Bikes and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) motors, which leads the industry. For GaN/SiC epitaxial chips for 5G communications, it is expected to complete customer verification in the first quarter of 2023, and mass-produce chips for 5G micro base stations.

GaN epitaxial technology of GaN Power Tech. Ltd. is derived from the Japanese telecom group NTT-AT. This year, in addition to presenting the core technology of GaN epitaxial, the company also showcased its research and development achievements and successful cases in the related applications of GaN power components, power supply, motors, etc.

In terms of power supply applications, GaN Power Tech. Ltd. exhibited corresponding solutions for 38W to 120W fast charging power supply and 200W street lamp power supply, which can provide customers with rapid design and verification of power supply products. For the 65W fast charging power supply, GaN FET is provided by GaN Power Tech. Ltd., and it is produced by the listed power company, H&L Bros. Corp., which has successfully entered the Japanese market, and the product will begin shipping in October this year.

GaN Power Tech. Ltd. stated that the application of GaN FET in high-power supply modules is being developed in collaboration with a Japanese company to develop 90W to 120W GaN FET street lamp power supply and to enter the markets of Vietnam and South America. In addition, the development project for GaN FET power supply modules for data center servers is actively being negotiated.

In terms of GaN IPM, the same horsepower motor controller size can be reduced and efficiency improved. Under the same conditions, using GaN IPM to control motors can create better efficiency and endurance for e-Bikes and UAVs. GaN Power Tech. Ltd. expects to launch formal GaN IPM products in the first quarter of 2023.

GaN Power Tech. Ltd. pointed out that in addition to GaN power products, it is also laying out GaN application products for green energy and carbon reduction. In the early stages of development, it mainly laid out the 650V medium-voltage power supply application market. Currently, it is actively developing 1200V GaN power components for electric vehicle applications. It is expected that within the next three years, the company will have a complete range of high, medium, and low-voltage GaN products, becoming a leading manufacturer of GaN power and green energy products with the most complete product applications.