1. Third-generation semiconductor materials – Gallium Nitride/Silicon Carbide products.
    • GaN/Si FET power devices – used in power supply components and solar inverter facilities.
    • GaN/SiC epitaxial wafers – used in wireless communication infrastructure and 5G base stations.
    • SiC epitaxial wafers – used in electric vehicle charging stations.
  2. Comparison of Power Advantages between Gallium Nitride and Existing Silicon Products.

    • GaN Material:15% less energy consumption, 40% faster charging speed, and 50% smaller size.
    • GaN/Si technology of GaN Power Tech., Ltd. can be applied to fast charging power sources for mobile phones, white goods, battery chargers and motor controllers for drones and electric bicycles, redundant power supplies for IoT applications and servers, and more.
    • GaN/SiC epitaxial core technology, in conjunction with power amplifier IC design companies, can jointly develop power amplifiers required for 5G base stations and wireless communication infrastructure.
  3. GaN Power Tech., Ltd. has completed the core value chain.
    • GaN/Si has the ability to design power circuits and has already mastered the pathways and relevant supply chains for power applications.
    • The GaN/SiC epitaxial technology is applied to high-frequency devices and is currently being purchased by customers for testing.
  4. Product Development Blueprint

    • 2022-2023: Develop mass production of GaN/Si FETs in 30W-200W power applications.
    • 2023-2024: Develop mass production of 8″ GaN/Si E-mode epitaxial wafers and 650V E-mode chips for 12-60W network power applications.
    • 2024-2025: Develop mass production of 8″ GaN/Si E-mode chips below 200V for DC brushless motor control applications.
  5. The production capacity of GaN Power Tech., Ltd. is sufficient to meet the demand for fast charging power sources for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and related devices.

    • Currently, the MOCVD machine has an annual production capacity of 3,000 wafers, which can supply 10 million power chargers. By 2023, the annual production capacity of MOCVD will increase to 6,000 wafers, which can supply 20 million power chargers.

    • The global annual sales volume of new smartphones is approximately 1.2 billion units, and 160 million units for laptops.

  6. The third-generation semiconductor application market has been growing rapidly, with a total annual output value of up to 1 billion US dollars by 2025. GaN Power Tech, Ltd. possesses key epitaxial technology for third-generation semiconductors and professional technical capabilities for process integration in packaging, making it the most competitive third-generation semiconductor manufacturer in the market.