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Application Fields & Examples

High-precision applications such as AI, electric vehicles, and low-orbit satellites have fully introduced expensive chips below 10 nanometers, but encountered severe electrostatic effects during the packaging process, resulting in serious production losses. The introduction of Hong Ga Technology’s anti-static technology can effectively solve the problem of static electricity and improve the yield rate.
GaN Power Technology Company’s Chemical Anti-static Coating (CAC) has high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, and has obtained SGS certification. At present, samples of jigs, carriers and magazines used in the AI ​​product manufacturing process have been sent to world-class semiconductor packaging manufacturers for testing, and good results have been achieved.

In the field of midstream IC manufacturing (semiconductor equipment components), our greatest advantage lies in technological innovation and reliability . Our technology can form an efficient electrostatic protective layer on semiconductor equipment components and improve their antistatic performance. Through our solutions, we can effectively reduce the damage or interference to components caused by static electricity and ensure the stability and reliability of the manufacturing process. We continue to pursue technological innovation and are committed to providing reliable and advanced electrostatic protection solutions so that semiconductor component manufacturing can proceed more smoothly and reliably.

We provide electrostatic protection solutions for packaging carriers and jigs. For equipment such as wire bonding machines, our technology can effectively protect and prevent the potential impact of static electricity on their operation and components. Our electrostatic protection technology is widely used in various jigs and packaging carriers during the packaging process to ensure the safety and reliability of device operation. Through our solutions, we can reduce the risk of static electricity damage to equipment and components, improve the stability of the packaging process, and thereby improve the quality and efficiency of packaging and testing. Our technology makes the downstream packaging and testing process more stable and reliable, ensuring product quality and production efficiency.

At present, the resistance value can reach 1 x 105 ~1 x 109 . Our technology can provide electrostatic protective film. This film can be formed on the surface of specially shaped workpieces to make it antistatic. For workpieces with special shapes, our coating technology can also be used to give them an antistatic film to achieve the required resistance value. The application of electrostatic protective film can ensure that the surface of the workpiece has the required resistance value, thereby reducing damage or interference caused by static electricity to the workpiece and ensuring the safety and reliability of the device.

Process Technology

Advanced coating technology offers a wide range of applications in the conductive range. These technologies can form films or coatings with antistatic properties on the surfaces of different conductive materials, expanding the conductive range of the materials.

Surface Treatment Mechanism

  1. Antistatic film formation : During the antistatic surface treatment process, the composition and process of the antistatic agent affect the continuity of the film. The more complete and dense the film is, the fewer cracks it forms, and the more stable the surface impedance is. Hong Gallium’s antistatic agent can be used in a wide range of applications. The pH value range forms a dense and continuous antistatic film through a special catalytic effect.

  2. Antistatic film physical properties : The surface resistance is determined by regulating the composition and thickness of the antistatic agent.

Comparison of existing technologies

PVD antistatic technology and antistatic plastics are international competitors. PVD antistatic technology provides excellent electrostatic protection, but does not perform well in high temperature environments . In comparison, antistatic plastics perform well in terms of high temperature resistance, but are costly . GaN Power Technology’s new technology possesses the electrostatic protection properties of PVD anti-static technology and overcomes the challenges of high temperatures while providing more competitive cost-effectiveness. This enables Hong Ga Technology to have a more comprehensive and competitive solution compared with international competitors in providing electrostatic protection in high-temperature environments.

0.5-30 µm
> 300°C

SGS Inspection Report

In the SGS test report, the surface impedance detection of the aluminum alloy plates in the test products demonstrated GaN Powder Tech. Ltd.’s excellent anti-static technology. The test results reflect the superior surface properties of GaN Powder Tech. Ltd. products and comply with international standards, further demonstrating GaN Power Tech. Ltd.’s competitiveness in the antistatic field. 

Not only do we have advanced technology, we are also committed to promoting industry standards and providing customers with high-quality products.The results of this report demonstrate our superiority in antistatic technology and reinforce our customers’ trust in our brand. We will continue to improve and innovate to ensure that our products maintain a leading position in antistatic performance and continue to provide customers with reliable solutions.