3 Major Divisions Of Professional Types

GaN Power Tech., Ltd. attaches great importance to research and development. The types of patents applied for are mainly new patents, accounting for up to 58%. In addition, GaN Power Tech. also has a considerable share of invention patents, accounting for 29%. In order to enhance differentiation and increase competitiveness, the company actively improves and innovates on existing technologies. Although design patents account for only 13% and are relatively less, GaN Power Tech. still values the design of appearance and form. Overall, the types of patents held by GaN Power Tech. reflect its strong ability in technology research and development as well as innovation.

Design Patent

Invention Patent

New Patent

 4 Main Distribution Of Professional Content Categories

GaN Power Tech., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing GaN and its patent content mainly focuses on four major areas: product-related, material-related, circuit-related, and structure-related. Among them, structure-related patents have a relatively high proportion, accounting for 45%, indicating that GaN Power Tech. attaches great importance to the external structure and design of the product and is committed to providing customers with a better user experience. Secondly, circuit-related patents account for 29%, indicating that GaN Power Tech. has a high research and development capability in the core circuit of GaN products. In terms of material-related patents, GaN Power Tech. has a relatively small proportion, only 7%, but this also reflects its unique technological advantages in material use. Finally, product-related patents account for 19%, indicating that GaN Power Tech. focuses on providing comprehensive and high-quality product solutions, from design, manufacturing to promotion. Overall, GaN Power Tech. has comprehensive and in-depth professional knowledge in GaN product research and production, providing customers with high-quality and high-performance products and solutions.