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We have developed a series of innovative products based on gallium nitride (GaN) technology, and HV GaN D Mode Cascode is one of the important products. GaN semiconductor products have low on-resistance and parasitic capacitance, enabling high-frequency operation, improving power density, and achieving the goal of miniaturization and light weight. They can be widely used in electronic speed controllers for unmanned aerial vehicles, motor controllers for electric-assisted bicycles, battery chargers, power supplies, UPS, and redundant power supplies.

When GaN is applied to electronic speed controllers for unmanned aerial vehicles and motor controllers for electric-assisted bicycles, it can effectively improve the overall motor system efficiency by more than 20%, achieve lightweight design, and effectively enhance the endurance of unmanned aerial vehicles and electric-assisted bicycles.

In addition, Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology can provide higher power density and conversion efficiency, which makes these products better applied in power management and power conversion. Due to its high conversion efficiency, the products’ temperature decreases, improving its reliability and increasing the brand’s credibility.

Furthermore, in the aspect of UPS and redundant power supplies, due to the high gate voltage withstand of the HV GaN D Mode Cascode, the gate drive voltage can be increased in the design, and the on-resistance can be stabilized at a certain value, providing higher stability and reliability even in high-temperature conditions. This avoids system downtime and failure caused by power failure, ensuring continuous operation and stability of the system.

GaN Power Tech. Ltd. insists on the high standards of technological innovation and product quality. Through continuous research and innovation, our products have been widely used in various fields, winning high trust and praise from customers. We will continue to invest more resources and energy to promote the development and application of Gallium Nitride power semiconductor technology, providing customers with better products and services.