GaN Power Technology seizes AI business opportunities with epitaxy and antistatic coating technologies

2024 is regarded as the first year of AI. As the demand for high-performance computing servers surges, GaN Power Technology’s epitaxial and antistatic coating technologies are rushing to capture this AI boom; among them, GaN related to 6-inch and 8-inch AI servers Power component technology is expected to obtain certification by the end of 2024 and fully enter the AI ​​computing market.
AI computing has extremely high performance requirements, and server circuit board space is extremely precious. Therefore, small-sized but highly efficient gallium nitride (GaN) power components have become the key. It is worth noting that industry pioneers Infineon and Renesas have acquired GaN system companies and introduced GaN power components into high-end AI server production. With years of experience in epitaxy technology research and development, GaN Power Technology emphasizes that it is ready and looks forward to shining in the AI ​​computing market.

In addition to GaN power components, GaN Power has exclusively developed antistatic coating (CAC) technology that is resistant to high temperatures of 300 degrees and wear-resistant to 350 meters. It has not only passed SGS certification, but has also tested AI process fixture applications in world-renowned semiconductor manufacturers. It has demonstrated outstanding performance and is expected to significantly reduce costs by up to 50%, far better than existing technologies.

GaN Power Technology revealed that there is an urgent need to combat static electricity in semiconductor manufacturing processes. In high-precision fields such as AI computing, electric vehicles and low-orbit satellites, expensive chips will suffer heavy losses if they are affected by static electricity. CAC technology can provide excellent protection and improve process yield.

The product quality has been recognized. In 2023, GaN Power’s 65W GaN charger was sold to Japanese telecom company NTT-AT. In 2024, the Taiwan version of the mobile phone charger was launched. Many listed companies are willing to use it as souvenirs for shareholders’ meetings. GaN Power Technology is working hard to develop a 500-degree high-temperature CAC, which is expected to be launched next year to provide the best electrostatic protection for high-precision applications such as AI, electric vehicles and low-orbit satellites.

Looking forward to the future, GaN Power Technology will continue to focus on the research and development of GaN epitaxial and CAC anti-static technologies, keep abreast of the pulse of AI computing and high-precision industries, provide customers with the best solutions, and strive to seize the huge business opportunities brought by the AI ​​boom.