GaN Power Tech’s world-class high-temperature resistant and anti-static technology ranks first in the industry and leads the world

GaN Power Tech is a leading manufacturer of gallium nitride (GaN) R&D technology, providing energy-saving power semiconductor components and end products. Deeply engaged in the Japanese gallium nitride fast charging market, it became the first Taiwanese factory to enter the strict Japanese supply chain; it was adopted by the power supply manufacturer Huanlong Technology to design and produce 65W gallium nitride fast charging, and passed the Japanese PSE certification. In the future, we will continue to expand product application scale to the smartphone market and sell 20-65W fast charging source products.

GaN Power Tech cooperates with NTT-AT, a subsidiary of Japan Telecom Group, to introduce gallium nitride fast charging into the Japanese market and become the first GaN manufacturer in Taiwan to enter the supply chain system of a well-known Japanese group. It has continued to cooperate with major Japanese manufacturers to develop a new 100W gallium nitride fast charger, which is expected to be released next year. In the future, it will cooperate with major mobile phone manufacturers to introduce GaN power components into its brands of fast chargers and actively enter the international market.

In addition, GaN Power Techis also actively developing semiconductor technology. With the application of AI, electric vehicles, and low-orbit satellites, semiconductor components are fully introduced into advanced processes below 10 nanometers. However, during the packaging process, problems such as severe electrostatic effects and reduced production yield will be encountered; Hong Gallium has launched a new world-leading resistant Antistatic technology with high temperature of 300°C and high wear resistance can not only be used to improve the yield of GaN packaging processes, but also provide high-efficiency, high-reliability antistatic solutions for the advanced semiconductor industry market.

GaN Power Tech stated that the company’s R&D team has long been committed to the research and development of new semiconductor-grade materials. Among them, the latest generation of anti-static technology can form a dense anti-static layer on the surface of metal materials that can withstand high temperatures up to 300°C, creating high wear resistance on the surface. The nano-level coating, which is durable and has a long life, can control the surface resistance value between 10⁵ and 10⁹ Ω, effectively preventing the accumulation of static electricity. This technology not only provides reliable defense during the production process, but also ensures that semiconductor equipment is not affected by static electricity during use, improving product reliability.

GaN Power Tech further analyzed that this anti-static technology has better characteristics than existing anti-static technology and is not subject to size restrictions. Therefore, the cost is more competitive than existing anti-static coating technology and can be widely used in various aspects of semiconductor manufacturing. The manufacturing process includes manufacturing, packaging and testing. Samples have been sent to major manufacturers for packaging and testing. It is expected that the results will be quickly seen in advanced coating performance next year.