【Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital】Entrepreneur Donates UVC Disinfection Boxes to Upgrade Epidemic Prevention

As the post-epidemic era approaches, entrepreneurs are taking action to give back to society and join hands in the continued efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hong Hao Technology has invested in the development of disinfection equipment, and on the morning of the 10th, Chairman Yan Zong-Xian, Executive Vice President Wang Xing-Ye, and Municipal Advisor Hu Xing-Zhi donated thirty UVC disinfection boxes to Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital. The donation was accepted by Vice President Zhuang Shu-Ting, Director of the Department of Internal Medicine Song Yu-Min, and Director of the Department of Nursing Zhang Mei-Fang.

With the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shortage of various epidemic prevention supplies, including alcohol and masks. Chairman Yan Zong-Xian of Hong Hao Technology also hopes to contribute to epidemic prevention. With the concept of “extending the life of things,” he combined his company’s power control technology with that of foreign partners, and used UVC deep ultraviolet light to achieve disinfection and sterilization effects, designing the UVC disinfection box.

Chairman Yan said that the UVC disinfection box can not only be used for deep ultraviolet disinfection of personal items such as masks, mobile phones, and keys, but also for small equipment worn by medical personnel such as goggles, which can be disinfected by UVC ultraviolet light in just a few tens of seconds. Today’s donation of thirty UVC disinfection boxes not only fulfills our social responsibilities, but also hopes to further upgrade hospital protection.

Vice President Zhuang Shu-Ting said that although Taiwan’s epidemic situation is relatively safe compared to other countries, we must not let our guard down. In addition to washing hands and wearing masks, we must not forget to disinfect our personal belongings. Vice President Zhuang expressed her gratitude for Chairman Yan’s donation of thirty UVC disinfection boxes, and believes that the disinfection boxes are truly a blessing for medical personnel. She also hopes that the epidemic will soon pass, allowing everyone to live with greater peace of mind.

From : 【台中慈濟醫院】