SiC|Development Potential Of SBD Products

SiC SBD stands for Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode, which is a diode product based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) material, featuring fast switching speed, low reverse leakage current, high temperature operation capability, high voltage withstand, and other advantages. SiC SBD products are mainly used in power supply, communication, automotive, consumer electronics and other fields, such as power converters, chargers, LED lighting, solar power generation systems, etc. Under the conditions of lower switch losses and reverse leakage current, SiC SBD products can achieve higher efficiency and energy conversion, improving the operational efficiency and reliability of equipment.

SiC|MOSFET Applications

SiC MOSFET products perform well in high-frequency switching applications, with lower on-state resistance, smaller output capacitance, and fast switching speed, which enables efficient power conversion, improving system efficiency and stability. Additionally, the silicon carbide material has high-temperature operating capabilities, allowing SiC MOSFET products to operate stably for extended periods in high-temperature environments, while also enabling smaller and higher power density designs. Overall, SiC MOSFET products have broad application prospects and strong market demand, making them a very promising product with great potential for development.